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Habit is a personalized nutrition company that is making optimal nutrition possible.Unlike one-size fits all diets, Habit uses an at-home test to uncover details about your genetics,lifestyle, metabolism, and goals to design personalized eating recommendations for the one, unique you.Because feeling your best isn’t about forcing something that worked for others to work for you.It is about knowing exactly what does work for you.

“Habit is committed to bringing you the most up-to-date recommendations, backed by reliable evidence-based science.As the science evolves, so will your results and nutrition plan. We’re also committed to an ongoingrelationship with you – so that the healthy changes you make can last a lifetime."Erin Barret, Ph.D., senior director


Robarin has extended Habit development team with front-end and back-end developmentto build a unique solution that this project required. Engineers from Robarin were workingwith Habit team both on-site and remotely to ensure the best performance, as well as sharingbest practices to help increase the overall code quality.

After developing a library that was responsible for creating tailored nutrition for a client,our team was working on the front-end part of the client’s portal. Using SCRUM methodology wewere able to simultaneously work on the admin panel. In the end, we have as well improved theoverall performance and code quality.


  • Back-End
  • Front-End
  • Graphical Design
  • Interaction Design
  • System Integration


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