Muzboss is a streaming media solution for restaurants, bars, shops, and other brick-and-mortar business.The platform offers fully-licensed background music, digital signage, and video solutions.Business owners customize their catalog of music from more than 10 million songs.Customers in the venue utilize dedicated smartphone applications to browse the catalog,request music and vote on the queue.


Robarin started working on Muzboss from the very first day, which enabled the team to focus on theright things first and to avoid wasting time and resources. When the project roadmap had been in place,Robarin moved through the production process to release the first working version of Muzboss for users.Overall Robarin is currently handling front-end and back-end development for this product, as well asgraphical and UI design.


  • Back-End
  • Front-End
  • Graphical Design
  • Interaction Design
  • System Integration


Ruby on RailsRubyMarionettePostgreSQLReactReduxAWS
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