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VUIX is an incredible tool that put the power of voice-first tech in the hands of everyone,empowering people of all skill levels to design dynamic VUIs, efficiently and cost-effectively.

The easy-to-use visual interface let prototype voice apps that talk on Amazon Alexa or Google Home devices.No need to code or install anything. With VUIX, the customer could evaluate the relevance oftheir idea without embarking the complexity of a project that could not worth the effort ofdeveloping it, focusing on what’s important, to bring on voice where it’s most useful, notwhere it most easily mimics human or bring the chatbot where the emotional and financial stakes are too high.

“I use VUIX to mock up my amazon Alexa skills and google home actions.It's great for taking a quick look and making presentable VUI prototypesthat do the job and save me the coding time and just the general hassle of hosting. ”
Victoria, digital marketing manager

"I become so used to work with VUIX to present ideas to my customers thatI could not imagine getting back to presentations to show our Google Assistant actions "
Ian, freelancer

“ Since I started working with VUIX, I can give in less than 10 minutes a working prototypeof the customer idea and be sure that he can test and know how the skill will look like withoutany extra effort on my side ”
Denise, program manager

"One platform that satisfies all my needs: prototyping, in-browser testing,and deployment of Amazon Skills ”
Daniel, developer


From the very beginning of the project, Robarin has been the only team responsible for the developmentof Minimal Viable Product (MVP) for VUIX application. Ruby on Rails comes with readymade modules andbuilt-in dev tools which help create an MVP in the shortest period possible. These aspects also makethe development process much more comfortable.

The developed product was able to capture the core functionality of the final VUIX application, including:

1. Ability to create awesome VUI in minutes. Users were able to complete the whole project via the web browser with no downloads and no coding.

2. The testing feature where end users were able to test what they made right in the browser to see how it feels before using.

3. Deploying in 1 click meaning that Robarin created integrations with Amazon and Google accounts.


  • Back-End
  • Front-End
  • Graphical Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Support
  • System Integration


Ruby on RailsRubyAmazon AlexaGoogle AssistantPostgreSQL
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