What we do

Here at Robarin, we've been developing amazing applications and unique solutions in variousindustry verticals, ranging from Education, Online shopping, Media, Health, IT Security,Data Center, Fitness, Banking, you name it. So feel free to check out our service list below!


It doesn’t matter if you already have a web application on Ruby on Rails or you want to get a better understanding of your new idea we would love to help you out.

Ongoing Development

We can allocate a specially dedicated team for your project that will support your product and makesure that it's stable, high-performing and user-friendly.

MVP Development

The main idea behind MVP development is to test your product hypothesis with the lowest possible cost.We’ve done some MVPs before including interactive voice prototypes platform Vuix.io, and we’d love to do the same for you.

Your Case

We also help our clients with Ruby Developers Hiring, DevOps services, Cloud Hosting and Migration, SaaS App Development, API driven Development and much more. Just ask!